About Us

Thank you from Sans Souci!

As the Executive Director, I want to thank you for visiting the Sans Souci website. Our hope is that you will be informed about the work Sans Souci is doing and how you can be a part of it. 

We are grateful for your support and I personally wanted to express my appreciation. 

Whether you are a donor, shopper, volunteer, board member, community partner or employee, you are making a direct impact on those living right here in Bartholomew County. 

Your support means:

  • Thousands of community members have access to things like clothing, shoes and winter coats at no cost to them
  • Community members are able to stretch their household dollars by shopping for low-cost necessity goods 
  • Our employees are able to remove barriers that have prohibited them from obtaining or retaining employment elsewhere, guiding them on a lifelong path of success 

Your support is what truly allows Sans Souci to carry out our mission of being the community partner that improves the ability of our neighbors to support themselves “without worry.”

Thank you again,

Executive Director

Sans Souci 

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