Donate Monetarily

As a non-profit organization, we are only as strong as our donors and supporters. 


Each donation, small or large, has a real and lasting impact on our community members.  


Your donations help to fund our operations, programs and special projects within Bartholomew County.   


Because of the generosity of donors, the No Cost program thrives and is able to provide clothing, shoes, winter coats, and other necessities to those in need.  


Your donation ensures that we can keep our prices low in our thrift store, allowing individuals to stretch their household dollars and put more funds towards other necessities of life. 

Employees are able to receive valuable training, overcome barriers and progress on their journey to self-sufficiency. 

How each dollar counts:

$150 covers expenses for one employee to participate in a six-week workshop as part of Sans Souci Build You

$100 supports ten hours of valuable one-on-one development training for an employee


$25 provides a community member with 25 articles of clothing

$10 gives comfort by providing a winter coat

$5 means a pair of shoes for someone in need

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