Our Founding

In 1979, a group of concerned Bartholomew County citizens wanted to do something to make Bartholomew County a better place to live and work.

The result of their efforts was Sans Souci! Sans Souci is French, meaning “without worry.”

Our founders selected this name to serve as a reminder to always focus on creating a community where everyone can live life “without worry.” Originally, Sans Souci first began as a call center for pregnant women and women with young children who were looking for resources. A few years later, Sans Souci started a thrift store as a means to financially support our organization. 

Our community has supported Sans Souci through many trials over the years, including a fire, flood and a pandemic. Thanks to our outstanding community, Sans Souci is growing faster than ever. As our community grows, it is clear that our work is not finished and we will continue to offer our programs that are designed to promote self-sufficiency and to help others live life “without worry.”

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