Low Cost

Stretching your household dollars

The Sans Souci Low Cost program is designed to price donated goods at significantly reduced prices versus traditional retail or resell stores. The intentionally low priced structure allows community members to stretch their household budgets with low-priced basic needs. The Sans Souci thrift store provides an affordable option for items such as clothing, shoes, housewares and furniture.

Items in the store are restocked on a daily basis so there is always a treasure to be found. We also offer monthly and seasonal sales throughout the year. Please check the monthly store calendar for the latest information.

Sans Souci invites all community members to visit and shop with us. The thrift store sales support more than 80% of the annual operating budget for the organization. 

How are the items priced? Many of the items in our store don’t have price tags on them. Instead, you will find that most of our items have “set” prices. 

This not only helps us process merchandise faster, but saves on overhead costs. The pricing guide below reflects our costs for various items.





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