No Cost

No Cost

This program exists to serve Bartholomew County community members who are in need of items like clothing, shoes, and winter coats. 


Through this program, a community member can shop free of charge for these items on our store floor. 


In 2022, Sans Souci gave away nearly $80,000 worth of goods and served 1 in 4 Bartholomew County community members who live below the poverty level.


Community members can also receive items like brand-new underwear, socks and hygiene supplies


 Steel-toe boots: Sans Souci is fortunate to have community partners that donate their gently-used steel-toed boots to our organization. If a community member comes into the store and needs a pair of steel-toe boots in order to start a job then they can receive a pair free of charge 

In 2022, Sans Souci distributed over 300 pairs of steel-toed boots to community members in need, starting them on their path to self-sufficiency. 


Do you need assistance? 

Please call 812-372-3419.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get signed up!

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