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Jason's Story- Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

“Nothing can really stop me now!”

Fifteen months ago, Jason had no idea how becoming employed at

Sans Souci would change his course in life. Having a difficult childhood and struggling with self-confidence, Jason found it hard to find clear direction in his life. For over 20 years, he has bounced from job to job to support his family. Then, changing paths once again, Jason applied for a job as a truck driver at Sans Souci.

“At the time, I just thought Sans Souci was a thrift store and I would
be going around picking up people’s stuff. I had no idea about the
opportunities I would have through Sans Souci.” -Jason

Over time, Jason became friends with a fellow employee who opened his eyes to the Sans Souci Build You (SSBU) program, a year-long program offering workshops to select employees preparing them for careers beyond Sans Souci. He became inspired by the positive changes in his friend’s life and reflects, “I just kept thinking about how I could use the skills he was learning to better my life.”

Jason applied and was accepted into the SSBU program. He has gained confidence and for the first time is starting to see a clear direction for his future. Today, Jason aspires to do a program-sponsored externship in a trade such as HVAC or plumbing and, is setting sights on mastering a trade or even owning his own business one day.

“Going through Sans Souci Build You workshops has helped
me gain confidence. Nothing can really stop me now!” -Jason


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