Shannon- Sans Souci Spotlight

May 10th, 2021

“This is the best place I have ever worked, it’s awesome.”

This quote comes from a current Sans Souci employee, Shannon George. Shannon’s passion for Sans Souci is evident but just a few months ago Shannon wouldn’t have called anything in her life “awesome.”

“I heard about Sans Souci while I was staying at Brighter Days,” Shannon said. “I’m not originally from Columbus so I had not heard of Sans Souci before.”

Shannon came to Sans Souci in September of 2020 and by being an active participant in the Employee Development program, she has overcome many significant barriers in just a short amount of time. The largest of these barriers being food insecurity, housing and transportation.

Shortly after Shannon was hired, Sans Souci was able to assist Shannon with her food insecurity by taking her to Love Chapel. Shannon’s lack of transportation made it difficult for her to attend hot meal sites and go to Love Chapel. With the food barrier resolved, Sans Souci simultaneously was assisting Shannon with housing by getting her application filled out through Rapid Rehousing.

Just two months later, Shannon got the phone call from Rapid Rehousing that would drastically change her life: she had gotten approved for an apartment! Sans Souci was quickly able to help Shannon furnish and deliver all the items so that Shannon could rest easy in her new home.

With the housing and food insecurities taken care of, Shannon wanted to work on improving herself even more and started attending budgeting classes and was able to save enough funds to purchase a vehicle. Having transportation made every day life much easier for Shannon, as she could now drive to work and complete every day tasks like going to the grocery store. Having transportation also made it easier for Shannon to attend community recovery support meetings. By attending these meetings and participating in the Sans Souci Employee Recovery Support Group, Shannon celebrated 18 months of sobriety earlier this month.

“Sans Souci will help you with anything,” Shannon said. “We are all just one big family.”

While the Employee Development program is not a requirement for Sans Souci employees, it is highly encouraged to all employees because of the life-changing impact it can bring, which brings our mission of helping others live life “without worry” to life.

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