Daniel Kelsay - Then and Now

August 21st, 2023

If you have visited Sans Souci recently, then there’s a chance that you’ve had the privilege of meeting Daniel, our Assistant Operations Supervisor.

Daniel can often be found running from the Donation Center to the store helping a customer, donor or another employee. Sans Souci is fortunate to have Daniel. He is hard-working, selfless, kind and he is a natural leader. But Daniel didn’t always display these characteristics and, truthfully, he was actually let go by Sans Souci during one part of his journey. So how did Daniel end up being a member of our leadership team? We invite you to read the story below and learn how Sans Souci, and you, played a part in Daniel’s journey.

Daniel’s addiction with drugs began at the young age of 13 years old. It was at this age that Daniel’s mother introduced him down the path of addiction that would impact every aspect of his life. Over the next 12 years, Daniel’s life would be a rotating cycle of getting high, getting arrested and being incarcerated.

Until Daniel came to Sans Souci.

In 2019, Daniel came to Sans Souci from the work release program to receive clothing assistance. Daniel not only left with clothing, shoes and a winter coat, but he left with a job as a Donation Receiver. Daniel’s excellent work ethic earned him a promotion to our truck driver, where he excelled until his relapse in 2020, and Sans Souci had to make the difficult decision to let Daniel go.

Daniel’s story has a different ending than what you might think, keep reading below to see how YOU made an impact in Daniel’s life.

One year later, Daniel came back to Sans Souci with a strong focus on his recovery. With flexible scheduling, Daniel was able to attend all of his recovery meetings and court appointments. Sans Souci helped Daniel get his driver’s license reinstated, purchase a vehicle, get bank accounts established, and obtain his High School Equivalency. Daniel was soon promoted to being the truck driver again and then promoted to his current title of Assistant Operations Supervisor. The biggest accomplishment of all is that Daniel recently celebrated two years of sobriety!

Today, Daniel has recently graduated from our Sans Souci Build You (SSBU) program, where he attended weekly workshops to help him gain skills in areas like finance, communications and computer literacy. While Daniel was in the Computer Literacy course, he learned that he could obtain certificates online in a variety of areas. Daniel went on to complete two online certificates in Logistics. Shortly after SSBU graduation, Daniel was hired full-time at Toyota in their logistics department. We couldn’t be more proud of Daniel!

Your support makes stories like this possible. It’s easy to read this letter and think that these are just words on a page. But this is not just a story, Daniel is a real person living in our community who would have been on a much different path if not for your support of Sans Souci.

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