Employee Development

The Sans Souci Employee Development program is our most impactful program.

Through this program, we have a two-step process to help our employees build a strong foundation by removing employment barriers and then build our employees by growing skillsets and providing opportunities for growth.

Sans Souci Foundations

On average, Sans Souci employs 30-35 individuals at a time. Many of these employees come to us in crisis mode and have struggled to obtain or retain employment elsewhere. By working with each employee, creating an individualized goal plan and providing paid training, we empower individuals by removing barriers that have prevented them from being successful at other places of employment. We provide guidance for them to a path to lifelong self-sufficiency, breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

Additionally, Sans Souci employees learn valuable and transferable skills just while working, such as cash handling, customer service, teamwork, punctuality, and problem solving that they can take with them to future jobs.

Sans Souci Build You

Sans Souci Build You (SSBU) is an extension of our Employee Development program. This program will provide training and guidance for select employees who are working towards moving from stability to self-sufficiency. Through SSBU, participants will take six-week courses in the areas of finance, communications, personal development, computer literacy and career exploration. 

After the courses have been completed, an employee will participate in a six-week externship with a partner employer in a field that the participant is interested in. 

Sans Souci Build You- Class of 2024

We are excited to present the Sans Souci Build You Class of 2024! These individuals have overcome many barriers to be where they are today.

Click on each photo to read more about each graduate. 

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